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JUNE 2022

From NYC to Paris, we've spent the month traveling, shooting our Lookbook, and wearing our new summer line! Keep scrolling for the inside scoop (plus some of our fav traval tips)!


Mia - DRESSES! Finally! I feel like the two year casual Mia is stepping out and loving being girly-but in The Range type of way with an edge and cowboy boots.

Brittney - I've been loving wearing our Spring and Summer sets - it just makes getting dressed super easy and you end up looking so chic.

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Where we're Travelling

Brittney- I've been in New York for our Lookbook shoot, traveling to meet with buyers all over the country, and spending some time in the California desert. The blend of the two energies and landscapes make me feel balanced and energized. We're currently in Paris so stay tuned for our next adventure!

Mia - Britt and I spent the month in NYC which was so nice to be back! We showed our Holiday/Resort collection at a beautiful space in Soho. I also had the chance to visit the English country and seaside and fell in love with those areas. Went to Soho Farmhouse which I highly recommend checking out.

Hot Tip of the month

Brittney - I've been on a plane every week and have been putting the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask on my skin during the flight, it's been saving me from feeling too dry from all the traveling!

Mia - Air Tags! Haha, just got them to leave in my purse, suitcase, and bike (because it just got stolen in NYC last week!). Now I can keep track of all of them from my phone, cool hack. Also, went to a Ronny Kobo event at SAGA in NYC, it's the best view of NYC I've seen, if you can get there, check it out!

MAY 2022

Welcome to HOME ON THE RANGE, where we dive in monthly to share what we're wearing, where we're going, and what we're doing. Keep scrolling for the inside scoop!


B - I've been living in my No Bra Club pieces, they're so comfortable and chic. I like adding accessories to dress them up and keep my outfits simple.

M - The No Bra Club has been on my rotation every day wearing it on its own out with gold hoops and jeans, layered under sweaters, and even to bed because i never want to take it off haha!

Where we're Travelling

We spent our month out at our home in the California Desert, in a town called Twentynine Palms. We're always on the go so much that it was exciting to be in one place for a while to be able to get creative and be grounded. We were close to Los Angeles so we went back and forth for meetings and to get that city fix when needed, but the desert fulfills a whole other part of our lives. We're back in NYC now and getting ready for our next buyers market. We're also loving the warm weather and wearing our new Spring Collection pieces!

Hot Tip of the month

B - Go to Jones in Los Angeles and Lil Frankies in NYC - old schools spots with yummiest food

M - Listen to Fred Again - he's my absolute favorite right now